Ninja Kamui Episode 7 English Sub

Watch  Ninja Kamui Episode 7 English Sub, the release date and time of Ninja Kamui Season 1 Episode 7 has been revealed. The episode will air on . It tells the story of Joe Higan, who was formerly a member of a notorious ninja organization that used assassinations to manipulate global events. Because of the clan's strict code, betrayal resulted in instant death. Joe managed to escape and start a life away from violence. However, his period of blissful marriage and parenthood ended after his son and wife were killed. Now bent on revenge, he is determined to track down and wipe out his former clan.

 Ninja Kamui Episode 7 Release Date

Episode 7 of Ninja Kamui named "Sneak Peak" is coming to Adult Swim on March 24, 2024. Either we get Emma back on the team, or Higan will have to face the enemy alone with the new suit Emma left behind.

  • 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • 15:00. Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • 20:00. British Summer Time (BST)
  • 21:00 Central European Standard Time (CEST)

What's coming up for Ninja Kamui Episode 7?

We might get more Emmys if she doesn't get burned by episode seven. Even if Emma doesn't return, Moriss and another former AUZA worker could help destroy the organization. But an urgent problem awaits Higan as soon as he wakes up. Higan had fought Lil before and lost because he didn't have the fancy equipment that AUZA employed ninjas have.

But with the new suit, Higan might have a chance to beat Lil in this fight between Gundams - I mean ninjas in high powered suits.


Higan's awakening explained

The sixth episode of the series also answered the biggest mystery surrounding Higan's revival. Emma's secret art prevented Higan from dying by freezing his cells. She tried to save the rest of Higan's family, but it was too late. Emma's last message to Higan didn't go into detail, but she owed Maria for saving her life at some point.

This means we haven't fully understood Higan's secret art. It has nothing to do with revival, but based on what we've seen, it's a technique that relies heavily on speed and stealth. He can create new limbs and disappear at will during battle, but even the ninjas working with AUZA have not figured out Higan's secret art.

Official Synopsis of Ninja Kamui Episode 7

Joe receives a mysterious call from another outcast ninja who faces a similar danger as we've seen in previous installments. They plan to work together and sneak into AUZA, which is basically a fortress. Morris searches the dark web for cybercriminals as they plan to ambush them. Last episode we saw Higan's background as an assassin in Japan, where he had connections with Mari and their ally Zai - now Higan's adversaries.

The official synopsis for Ninja Kamui reads:

“A team of assassins exacts bloody retribution on Joe Logan—a former ninja who escaped his clan—and his family for betraying their ancient code. When Joe rises from his apparent 'death', he re-emerges as his former self - Ninja Kamui - to avenge his family and friends and overthrow the very clan that created him.